Superduets Book 1: (Violin Duet): Bk. 1 por Mary Cohen

Superduets Book 1: (Violin Duet): Bk. 1
Titulo del libro : Superduets Book 1: (Violin Duet): Bk. 1
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 15, 1998
Autor : Mary Cohen
Número de páginas : 16
ISBN : 0571518893
Editor : Faber Music Ltd

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Mary Cohen con Superduets Book 1: (Violin Duet): Bk. 1


Duets with a difference for beginner violinists. Superduets provides a wonderful new repertoire of original and entertaining duets for beginner violinists. It can be started as soon as pupils have mastered basics of picking up the violin and bow, know which string is which and can read simple staff notation. Encouraging rhythmic confidence and listening skills, and exploring a wide range of techniques, sound effects and movements, Mary Cohen's Superduets is tailor-made for players at the very earliest stages of learning. These delightful pieces serve as a unique introduction to the joys of social music-making and help pupils to develop the invaluable skills required for ensemble playing at an early stage.

Incluye estas canciones:

A Tiny Dinosaur Chips Its Way Out Of An Egg
An Express Train Rushes Past
Chinese Lantern Procession
Did You Know?
Hailstones Bouncing
Jellyfish Lazing Around In The Sea
Raindrops Dripping
Snowflakes Falling
The Witch's Clock Strikes
Two Bats Baterwauling
Two Cats Caterwauling
Weather Which Keeps Cats Indoors