Kinshasa: tales of the invisible city por Filip de Boeck

Kinshasa: tales of the invisible city
Titulo del libro : Kinshasa: tales of the invisible city
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 7, 2013
Autor : Filip de Boeck
NĂșmero de pĂĄginas : 285
ISBN : 9058679675
Editor : Leuven University Press

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Filip de Boeck con Kinshasa: tales of the invisible city

In their internationally acclaimed book, Kinshasa, anthropologist Filip De Boeck and photographer Marie-Francoise Plissart provide a history not only of the physical and visible urban reality that Kinshasa presents today but also of a second, invisible city as it exists in the mind and imagination of its inhabitants. They bring to light a mirroring reality lurking underneath the surface of the visible world and explore the constant transactions that take place between these two levels in Kinshasa's urban scape. With the exhibition that accompanied the release of their Kinshasa book, the authors won a Golden Lion at the 11th International Architecture Bienniale in Venice, 2004. This beautifully illustrated publication is now again made available. Based on lengthy field research, it provides insight into the imaginative ways in which local urban subjects continue to make sense of their worlds and invent cultural strategies to cope with the breakdown of urban infrastructure.