John Lunn: Downton Abbey (Solo Piano) (Piano Solo) por

John Lunn: Downton Abbey (Solo Piano) (Piano Solo)
Titulo del libro : John Lunn: Downton Abbey (Solo Piano) (Piano Solo)
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 29, 2011
Autor :
Número de páginas : 87
ISBN : 1780384084
Editor : Omnibus Press

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John Lunn: Downton Abbey (Solo Piano) (Piano Solo)

You've loved watching the series, now you can play the awesomely distinctive original soundtrack from Downton Abbey with this sheet music songbook, composed by the incredible John Lunn.
One of the best parts of the hit television series is the expertly composed music. Written by John Lunn, he and the Chamber Orchestra of London performed it for the TV series. From that distinctive theme tune to the drama and emotion conveyed by the score, this Downton Abbey sheet music is perfect for all fans of the show as well as Piano players of all tastes.
Featuring the wonderful Love And The Hunter, the exceptional Story Of My Life and the unmistakeable Downton Abbey - The Suite, this Downton Abbey sheet music will let you play all of the recognisable themes from the show while reminiscing about the key moments from the series that made us laugh and cry. As the second series premiered, Amazon listen the box sets as being the highest-selling of any other Television show. The sheer success of the series is, at least in part, due to the beautiful and moving music that accompanies the events on the small screen. 
All of the Heart-rending Piano pieces and achingly lovely orchestral parts are arranged here for solo Piano, so you can learn to play every part of the soundtrack as part of a performance, or just for general practice. The brilliant compositions by frequent television composer John Lunn match the tone and style of the show perfectly. He has composed for many other Television shows, notably 'Little Dorritt' and 'Waking The Dead', his musical talents contributing to the success of the release of Downton Abbey's soundtrack.
With the Downton Abbey sheet music, you can learn all of the songs from one of the most popular TV series of all time. These tunes are simply ideal for playing on