Renault 4L: The car jeans (English Edition) por Arnaud Demaury

Renault 4L: The car jeans (English Edition)
Titulo del libro : Renault 4L: The car jeans (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 17, 2018
Autor : Arnaud Demaury
Número de páginas : 97
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Arnaud Demaury con Renault 4L: The car jeans (English Edition)

The Renault 4 quickly dubbed 4L - L for luxury! was produced from 1961-1992 and now enjoys a cult status.
The Renault 4, invented in 1956 by Pierre Dreyfus, who wanted to produce a versatile and cheap car, with a global vocation, able to respond to the evolutions of society observed in the early sixties.
Pierre Dreyfus had indeed asked his design offices to imagine "the blue jeans", inspired by the success of denim pants.
For its part, the Renault R4, equipped with an innovative technique, has notably awarded an independent suspension, removable rear seats at the rear, a large hatchback.
A four-cylinder water-cooled engine of various powers ranging from 26 to 45 HP, which allowed to reach a top speed of at least 125 Km ...
It is the best-selling French car in the world with over eight million units sold in more than 100 countries at the end of production.